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Red Globe

-Late August

These peaches are great caners. They are also very sweet and delicious to just eat!

Lemon Elberta

-Mid September

These peaches are your typical caning peach. Their thick skin makes them super easy to peel. They are also sweet enough to just eat as well.


-Early September

These Peaches are some of our sweetest to eat. They are juicy and super yummy for peaches and cream! 

JH Hale

-Mid September

These peaches are huge and juicy! They can well and of course are great for eating!


-Mid September

These were Grandma Lyle Crandall's favorite peach to can! They are unique in that they have a slight greenish hue even when ripe. They are delicious to eat as well.

O' Henry

-Mid September

These peaches are some of the yummiest to eat! They are juicy and great on peaches and cream!

All of our peaches are yellow flesh and free stone.




-Early September

We have excellent Bartlett pears! They are one of the leading commercial pear varieties in the nation. They are delicious for desserts and eating. They are also the main variety used for canning.

-Early October
These pears are considered a winter pear because they are harvested later in the season. They have a creamy flesh and are wonderful for desserts. They are great also because they stay firm enough for baking!



-Late August

These apples are super sweet and delicious! They also are a little bit smaller apple so they work great for snacks and lunches for the kids!


-Mid September
These are one of the most popular apples we sell at our fruit stand! They have an incredible crisp flavor and crunch. Honeycrisp also have a longer storage life.

-Early October
These apples are extremely sweet and have great flavor! These are one of our family's favorites for eating.

Golden Delicious
-Late September
These apples are one of the most versatile we grow. They are excellent for apple sauce and baking. They are also great for eating!

Red Delicious
-Mid October
These apples are one of the most old fashioned apples we grow. They are beautiful in color and are very sweet! In fact they are one of the main ingredients in our apple juice because of their great flavor.

-Late September
These apples are excellent for baking and applesauce due to their more tart and powerful flavor.

Granny Smith

-Mid October

These apples are popular for their tart and flavorful taste. They are great in salads and for baking.

Pink Lady
-Mid October
These apples are similar to a Honeycrisp with their sweet and tart flavor. However, their flavor is slightly more tart than sweet. They are great in salads and for baking, as well as just to eat!



Apple Juice
-Early November
We usually start pressing our famous apple juice around Halloween time. We use a variety of apples to create its unique and delicious flavor! 


-Late August

We purchase our tomatoes from a local farmer in Genola. They are great for cooking and eating!

Corn on the Cob

-Late August

We get this corn from a local farm in Alpine. It is absolutely wonderful and yummy!


-Early September

We get our honey from a bee farmer in Delta. It is so sweet and you can purchase it in a variety of types and sizes.


-Early October

We have a variety of pumpkins that we purchase from local farmers and sell at a low price to help you get into the autumn spirit!

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