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Our Beginning

Charles Edward (CE) Crandall homesteaded 120 acres in Orem Utah in 1887. On the land he planted fruit trees and strawberries. He worked hard to make sure that he could provide a good life for his family.


CE's grandson, Merrill (Sam) Crandall purchased 15 acres from his grandfather and helped to shape the farm into what it is today. He built a fruit stand and packing shed where, as a family, they would work to provide great fruit for the community.

Looking to the Future

During Sam's time, the fruit stand evolved quite a bit and the farm is now run by his son Tim Crandall and our family. We work hard to maintain the great farming legacy from which we come.

We love what we do and plan to continue to farm the land for many generations to come. We pride ourselves on hard work and providing quality fruit and excellent customer service.

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